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One Northwich is here for anyone who wants to support our town, from helping with Northwich InBloom to being part of successfully delivering a town wide festival. We’re looking for people with any level of skill or experience, there’s only one thing we need you to have and that’s pride in your town. 


Below are some common questions we think you might have, hopefully it covers everything. But if you need more infortmation you can email [email protected].

What type of volunteering opportunities are available?

To begin with, we have three main areas for people to get involved with, Northwich InBloom, Events/Festivals and Enviroment Days.  As we grow the group, we’ll expand the types of areas you’re able to volunteer for and when you submit your registration we’ll ask you for ideas on what these might be.

Who set up One Northwich?

One Northwich was set up by Northwich Town Council & Northwich Business Improvement District. You can find out more here.

Is there a time commitment required?

One Northwich was set up to ensure anyone who is proud to be from Northwich can take part, so even if you can only spare one hour each year… that’s fine with us. 

Do I need to attend any meetings?

No, you won’t be required to attend any meetings to be a member of One Northwich. We’ll send you a confirmation of registration once you submit the form online, then you won’t have to keep in touch until you read about a project you want to get involved with. For some projects, we might need to hold short meetings to give you more information, but these will be online and we’ll record them for those who can’t attend.

Is there a reward scheme?

We’re just working out the details of a reward scheme for One Northwich volunteers. Although we know people who join are doing so because they’re proud of Northwich and want to support the town, we think that there should be some benefits for those who go the extra mile. 

Do you work with any other volunteer groups?

Our plan is to work with all the key volunteer groups in Northwich, with the aim to offer resources to support them in there activities. We’ll start with the projects that currently don’t have a volunteer base and then grow from there. 

How will I know what I can get involved with?

When you register, we’ll ask for some basic information to understand what your interests are. Then we’ll periodically email you to let you know what’s going on and advise on how to get involved. We won’t spam you, and you can opt out at anytime.


One Northwich has been set up by Northwich Town Council and Northwich Business Improvement District, we’re both committed to Northwich and are always looking for ways to add value to the town. Each year people get in touch and ask about supporting our events, or assisting with the towns InBloom initiative and we direct them to other established groups who would be able to offer them a volunteer oppurtunity.

So you might ask, why are you setting up a new group when there are already ones for people to join? It comes from feedback we’ve received, with some people just wanting to offer support on the odd occasion with no formal commitment. That is what One Northwich offers, a zero commitment oppurtunity to support your town, you should review our ‘Common Questions’ to learn more about the process.

The vision for One Northwich is for volunteers to eventually take the reins and be self managed with Northwich BID & Northwich Town Council as partners on hand to offer support. But because we don’t ask for any formal commitment of time, we’ll keep managing it for the time being and look at bringing together a steering group once it’s more established.


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